In this site we will document our 2010 Cebu Navs Grand Reunion...

What will be content of this site?:

1. All our communication exchanges will be here with matching title. you can comment on each post.

2. We will post pictures and Videos Old and new

3. Mga Testimonies

4. Ug Uban pa...

Note: Naa Table of Content sa Ubos to see the chrnology of events!


Mura ug nagkadaghan ang ga suggest that the date will be somewhere on Last week of May to June or even July. So ato ning ipaagi ug piniliay... Nag butang ko ug POLLs sa atong website where in maka pili mosa date nga puede mo maka-attend, Of course apil ang inyong preference date but also to consider the majority you also check ang dates nga puede mo. Dili kini nga ang ato mao jud masunod kung dili kung asa ang kinabag-an maka apil jud ani atong reunion. Ako willing ko nga ang dates nga among break dili mao ang time for reunion... I am trusting God that He will bring me and Glo in that reunion whatever that date is.

Mao ni ang atong sabot:
1. Check all the dates nga Puede mo, ang mga naa sa Pinas I encourage you to check all that means: a) You are willing to sacrifice forthe sake atong mga naa sa gawas nga limitted ra ang time of vacation. b) willing mo to file leave early (friday and sat) for the date na atong mapilian. c) Mag tigum gyud mo mag alkansiya ug hulugi kada adlaw, it could be from your snacks, or bawas gamay sa sud-an.. This will be a very meaningful reunion that you will attend.

2. Katong mga shy mag share sa egroup pero sigi lang katawa ug enjoy mubasa sa email hala botar mo, kay di man mo mailhan kung kinsa mo mo check ra man mo.

Palihug check sa week-end nga Puede Mo. Please check all kung wala mo problema aning mga dates. Dili "preference "ang atong gipangayo kung dili kanang "PUEDE" mo ani nga mga dates.

Please write any idea of what will be included in our reunion

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Manarado na ta

Mga Igsoon,
    Mura ug wala na gaboto sa atong date in holding the reunion so I will l just close on Saturday Sept. 19. So kung wala pamo naka pili hala adto na mo ug express your self... katong mga niboto na tan-awana ninyo ang result. Basta we will abide sa majority. Its a close fight between N...opps no politics hehehehe..


Friday, September 11, 2009

Filipino Missionaries

Yes, I am a witness that Filipinos are spreading the gospel in the workplace, neighbors and among friends and families. Behind those tall buildings and simple dwellings, you will see faithful Filipino workers using their profession in spreading the gospel and making an impact for eternity.

Let's pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send out more Filipino laborers for the Harvest fields.

Acts 1:8
But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Roy Versoza - abc of victorious life

Hello Jud,
Good to be hearing from you, Iknow roy is very busy and very focus on what he is doing. Ikaw na lang ang tig honghong saiya saimong mabasahan diri sa CebuNavs egroup. we are praying that you can come. And hope Roy can speak the word of God during the reunion.
I,m usingmy hotmail now kay something wrong with yahoo it cannot trigger the reply window

Yes, though we're not able to get involved in the "conversation" as often as we want to, we're taking part in the reading naman he he
Unta maka-attend mi ng reunion kahit nga si Roy lang. He's actually considering to go, the Lord willing. It'll surely be great and enjoyable time together!


Puede calendar type? kay di na ko kata

suggestion lang sa voting on when to hold the reunion. Puede kaha calendar type ang atong pilian dili check box? Hasul man gud sa tigulang like me to always consult the calendar and check when those dates are. Or kon de puede calendar type, puede kaha i post ang months sa calendar para dali ra makita? Unya ang picture of the week, puede kaha ma enlarge para maklaro ang mga nawong? wa para ba gyud ko kapalit ug magnifying glass for reading or viewing purposes. Fred

Picture of the Week

Mga Igsoon
Aron mas ma excited ta sa atong reunion I put New feature of our CebuNavs Reunion Website mao ang "pictu
re of the week" where in kita tanan puede hinomdom sa mga kagahapon. mukatawa, mupahiyom, ug usahay muluha sa hilom.. so katong mga naay picture diha ipadala naniyo sa ako aron every week bag-o atong picture... I encourage ang nag kalain laing batch mag padala mo... sa akolang sa aron di sa makit-an sa uban ayaw diri sa egroup ipadalai personal lang sa ako amir81562@yahoo.com.

tan-awa ninyo ang una nga picture of the week...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Para ni sa mga tigulang

Idol sa mga Mga tigulang

George Carlin's View on Ageing (on age102).

Do you realise that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about ageing that you think in fractions.

'How old are you?' 'I'm four and a half!' You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key

You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead.

'How old are you?' 'I'm gonna be 16!' You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life .... . You become21. Even the words sound like a ceremony.... YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!!

But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed?

You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it's all slipping away.. Before you know it, you REACH 50 and your dreams are gone.

But wait!!! You MAKE it to 60. You didn't think you would!

So you BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and MAKE it to 60.

You've built up so much speed that you HIT 70! After that it's a day-by-day thing; you HIT Wednesday!

You get into your 80's and every day is a complete cycle; you HIT lunch; you TURN 4:30 ; you REACH bedtime. And it doesn't end there Into the 90s, you start going backwards; 'I Was JUST 92.'

Then a strange thing happens. If you make it over 100, you become a little kid again. 'I'm 100 and a half!'

May you all make it to a healthy 100 and a half!!


1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay 'them'

2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.

3. Keep learning.Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle.. 'An idle mind is the devil's workshop.' And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.

4. Enjoy the simple things.

5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.

6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.

7.. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.

8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.

9. Don't take guilt trips.Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.

10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

The Funniest picture

Hello Bing and Judy,
I don't know if you notice that kini nga picture nga inyon gihisgotan is the funniest picture nga naka post sa atong website (hint na nako ha? but you must find out why? kung makitan ninyo maka tawa gyud mo hehehehe.
Kamo dihang maga usisiro ug usisira pangitaa ninyo nganong the funniest picture ni tabagi ninyo si Judy ug Mabel.

Tyme sa bing unsa man nag TAG basin kabalo ko how di lang ko
kasabot hehehe..


sige jud ko ug katawa R.G, kay sa akong pinangita sa picture nga ingon ka imong gipost sa website, wa jud ko kita :) bitaw, asa man tawon nimo gisuksok ang among picture ni Judy? akong gitan-aw ang akong copya, nindot man mi tanan oi.......nindot ug mga shoes and bags, nindot ug mga shorts, pants and skirts, bisan gani mga hairdo (hairdone), nindot man sab gani.....


Hi bing,
just scroll down the web page. kung naa roller imong mouse tuyoka lang paubos. kung wal use the arrow down sa imomg keyboard, or using ur mouse kanang scroll bar naa sa right most part sa webpage i drag na paubos and presto kita nimo ang mga pictures hehehehehe.. . ayaw baya pa claro nga lola na sab ka I know lig-on pa imong tuhod.

Pag naa na ka sa mga picture naay mga boxes sa ubos sa picture where you can type anything about the picture. naa nay mga entry diha si ruby ako si fred. Ang uban diha hapa adto mo bugal bugali ninyo tong inyong mga pictures didto sa aton website mao siguro ni ang giingon nimo bing nga TAG.

Pero balik ko didto sa akong pangutana nganong ang SanJuanico Escapade mao ang funniest picture?


ayay kah, R.G! mas hitech pa man diay ko, kay mata ra man akong gamiton para pagscroll up and down ------- gusto ka pa-implant? :)

sa attachments nako nakita, pero sa photos, gi-view all na nako, wa jud ko kita oi. sige na lang kay wa nay oras. sa imong pangutana, akong tubag: si Judy? mora ug gahilak kay wa ra kaposing kay naawahi pag-abot? di man sab na kataw-anan kaayo, luoy man gani (he he he he).


hehehehe, dili mao imong tag-an baliki ang picture ninyo sa San Juanico unya point to your dagway, target-a gyud ang imong ulo unya ang mata nimo then click the mouse the you will see.... dalia kay maunhan ka sa uban basin mahurot na ang gitik dina ka katawa hehehehe enjoy.

gisiguro gyud ni lolo cres nga maka botar siya!!!

Seguradong maihap ang boto sa mga OFWs sa Qatar sa 2010 elections kasi manual voting pa seguro ang foreign service posts. I doubt kung magpadala ang Comelec ng automated machines sa more than 87 Philippine missions na ang uban meron lang less than 100 voters. Pag manual mata ko lang ang gamiton pero pag automated, ano ang garbage in di ko makaseguro na ito rin ang garbage out.
Balik sa atong botohan, although hindi ko makita yon gisulti mo na nakasulat "Would you change your vote" (or phrases to that effect), noong ki-click ko ug usab ang Vote and after that I check on the number of those who voted, it registered an increment of 1 vote, from 31 to 32, unless nagkataon na dunay miboto niadtong taknaa. The only question is, I don't know if my original vote was registered (if it was, then my second vote is the vote of God- Act of God).

Ok ra basta ang sa OFW maihap gyud

Hi lolo Cres,
Don't worry basta ang mag boto sa OFW diha sa Qatar sa 2010 maihap jud na ha hehehehehe. We'll ika ra ang maka verify kung na record ba imong vote. go bak to the CebuNavs Reunion Website HERE (na pud) then you can either see this.
1. Ang view nga naa nay mga score ug score bar... kung kana ang imong makita ug you can read ang "change your vote" most likely naka butar naka, kay unsa man imong i change kng wala pa. i click ang chang you vote makita nimo ang square na imong gipili tungod sa date. kung wala ka makita nga check sa square ahhh that means wa pa gyud naka botar ang lolo cres.
2. Kung ang makita nimo mga square nga walay check ahha nakalimot gyud ang lolo cres wala paka ana nakabotar hal pili ug click ang VOTE. then double check kung naa na ba gyud ang ckeck ok!!! kung di pa gani hala tawagi si Edith Casimero Llamera kay mao to ang lola nga wala pud kabalo heheheheheehe peace dith..

Naka botar naka lo?

Parang na-insecure ako sa gisulti mo na baka ang hinungdan na maihap lang sa tudlo (at least 3 pairs of hands) ang nibotar kasi hindi techno savvy si Lolo at Lola. Ewan ko, kung na-register ba ang boto ko. Paki-verify nga, kasi kung wala marehistro, di mobotar ug usab si lolo.

Ang inyong picture ang funniest find out why?

Hello Bing and Judy,
I don't know if you notice that kini nga picture nga inyon gihisgotan is the funniest picture nga naka post sa atong website (hint na nako ha? but you must find out why? kung makitan ninyo maka tawa gyud mo hehehehe.
Kamo dihang maga usisiro ug usisira pangitaa ninyo nganong the funniest picture ni tabagi ninyo si Judy ug Mabel.

Tyme sa bing unsa man nag TAG basin kabalo ko how di lang ko kasabot hehehe..

Visit CebuNavs Reunion 2010 WebSite HERE

Unsaon Pag botar? -lolo ug lola

Mga Igsoon,
As I think about the reason why there are so many visiting our CebuNavs Reunion website as of now 294 unique visitors and the site was visited 434 time pero ang votes is only 29. I am really puzzled!!! I know that there are so many reason but I discover one reason which I want to solve in this email hehehehe. kabalo ka unsa? Dili diay kabalo si Lola ug Lolo unsaon pag butar sa dates hehehehehehe. So, it goes:
1. Go to the CebuNavs Reunion Website by doing any of this.
a) i-click ni http://cebunavsreunion.blogspot.com/
b) or i copy and paste na nga website address sa imong browser. (kung di mo kasabot ana iclick nalang ang link sa a)
c) or click ang HERE didto sa ubos ani nga email nako kanang after sa "Visit CebuNavs Reunion 2010 website HERE". or bisan asa ani nga HERE imong makita iclick na kay muadto na ka sa CebuNavs Reunion website. o naa pa gyud isa ka HERE.

2. Pag naa na ka sa website i-scroll down makita nimo ang papilian nga mga dates naay mga gagmay nga square tungod sa dates... Hala i click ang mga squares corresponding sa dates nga puede ka kaapil sa reunion.. puede ka mupili ug daghang dates.

3. Hoy di pa ka tapos!!! kahinanglan imong i click ang vote naa sa ubos sa mga pilianan aron ma record imong vote... makita na dayon nimo ang number of votes. ok clarix...

Pag mudaghan ang mubutar after this ahhh mao gyud ni ang problema ni Lolo ug lola.. sa akong tag-an si mabel wala pa naka butar. ug bisan si Vivian ug si ernie Lera, si siter Tirsa ug bisan si Venric. hehehehe.. kanang nag ingon nga kini lang nga date that means wala pa sila nak butar heheheehe kay di siguro kamao.

Hala butar na.

OH by the way!!!! puede mo mo change sa date na inyon napili for some reason which is valid. you are allowed to do that. Basta ang impotante puede mo ana nga date. Kami for example sa along dear/mahal/love nag change mi because gusto namo nga maka apil si Edessa for very important reason...

How to change your vote:
go back to the website then sa ubos naa option to "change your vote" click it and you can remove the previous vote by clicking the square where your previous vote are (mawala tung check) and click the new dates that you want. then click the VOTE button and your vote is changed.

Katong nasagsag pa gihapon ayaw mo kaulaw pangutana hehehhe

As of now 30 na angnibutar 20 na lang i close na nato ang pika daghan mao ang atong pilion.. sa karon ang nag una .... tan-awa na lang ninyo THERE

Visit CebuNavs Reunion 2010 WebSite HERE

Very good ang barangay captain sa prayer group

Very good ni atong baranagy captain sa pryaer group... hala pangitaa ang uban ninyong kaunban di ba si rose delantes buban kauban ninyo?

Mga igsoon kamong uban nga mag grupo grupo start looking sa inyong mga ka berk.. Robert imong mga grupo, sila anching, tata of course ana is di na gyud kabuhi kay pirmi namo tapad sa kuarto si shiela, katong didto sa apartment sa CIT katong hapit ko bauang hehehehe di ka kahinomdom sa number 357 ba to mga 20 to kabuok... hala bert ikaw pud ang banrangay captain ato.. ah si Bobong Nueva Ecija ug Dona haay 3 couples baya ang naproduce ato. si Bobobg ug anching, si bobong ug Donna ug robert and shiela hahahahaha.. I am very happy to note that... kung nag dugay pa to si weng weng didto way siguro hehehe peace igsoon.

Zonia ang inyong group sa labangon nato nga BS. ug uban pang barangay..


Guapo nga Roger More...

Si jay member na sya sa prayer group, pero dilipana sya kaayo guapo atong una, unya naga hilum2 pana sya atong una kay dpaman to kaayo sya guapo, karon sigi nana syag tingog2 kay guapo naman sya karon, diba jay? he ! x100 na. wla diay nimo maapil si Ondoy Ai, diba maoman to sila ang ang mga tisoy atong panahon cras gani ka ato nya he he he. bitaw si ondoy pa oy! iapil naton sa atong prayerkay la nakoy balita ato nya. try mo daw contact c rose iman autralia man cguro to sya.
roger parin

Dia ang Name sa Prayer group

di-a ang names sa mga girls sa prayer group -
Gay Soro Wagas,
Rose Iman ___
Vivian Vallente ____
Ammi Lopez
Ang guys
Mar - di ba si Mar naa na ani nga website?
Louie Mandaue
Roger Moore aw Tamayo diay
Am not sure if Yaj is part of our group. Sakto ba Jay? Or were you with Mon, Ging, Rose D's group?

Reserve nato ang Holy week sa family

Yes ern your correct lets just reserve the holy week for our families or for personal retreat.



Please not on Holy Week. We have some activities in our community, and we committed to these already. Kung puwede, not during these days.

Vivian Rojas Molina

I'm okay with other dates except Holy Week, like Vivian. I would not want to miss the only time of the year when my nephews and nieces are "taken captive" (dili kasuroy suroy) for quality family bonding.

this is getting exciting....


Age is just the matter of the Mind if you don't mind it dosn't matter- fred

Mga Igso,

Ato na nang tang-tangon ang pulong nga tigulang sa atong vocabulary kay timan-i baya,
"As a man thinks, so he is!" ingon pa sa proverbs. So usbon na nato ang atong mindset
kay laa kaayo na! Besides, personally, I think many of us can outthink, outsmart, outdance,
outran, etc many of the young ones.

I have a secret. GOD provided us with the food to eat to be healthy. In Genesis, He gave us the
fruits and plants to eat. Am not a vegetarian, but I found the secret that Ponce de Leon was seeking
in the Americas. It was not a fountain of youth but a grain - Chia seed. To all of you who are
interested to be healthy and wealthy, access my website: www.fredaguelo.lifemax.net. Then
email me directly at fred_aguelo@yahoo.com.

GOD bless you all!


hoy tan-aw sa recapni Venric sa Fil-Am Navs

Bay R.G/Aileen/ and all:
The Fil-am Navs reunion recap.
Kinahanglan gyod moapil ang mga batan-on ani bay R.G..., kay kon dili , na, Abril na lang , di pa ta ka decide ug date sa atong cebu navs reunion. ( Kitang mga edaran na, aside from tabi-an ingon si Edd, luya na momatikmatik(terme of mabel)- in short , tigulang na gyod, he he )

it would be fun to tag these old photos

hi Judy,

good for you-- no memory lapses yet ! :) after 19 years... maybe i was in denial when i looked at those numbers on the photo...he he he. I do have vague memories of that trip -----even the group's stay in our house. thanks for refreshing us with those details, Jud.

it would be fun to tag these old photos in the website ni R.G, pareha sa Facebook....
.pwede ba na, R.G?

take care, Judy


Steer 13 diay na nga Picture-Judy

Hi Mabel! The date marked in the old Nav photo is 9-24-90. It was during the STEER 13 launching in Region 8 led by Sal Jiao and Allan Morelos. I remember coz Roy and I were able to join that . (I was actually that pretty lady on the utmost right side of the picture - approaching the group. ) We even slept in your house in Bato, Leyte after or before visiting VISCA (ElmerNunez & family). We also stayed overnight at the Caridos' home in Tacloban.Got a bunch of old Nav pictures used during one of the reunions in Cebu before- maybe in the custody of Elvie (?) or someone else. It would surely be fun and amusing to look at those pix again after several years. With all the bulging bellies, bald(ing) heads, wrinkled faces, etc, associated with aging gracefully, tingali lisud na kaayo pag-ila kung kinsa na ba. ha ha

Regards, Judy

Hi Raul! We're glad you're back in circulation again! Siguradong daghan ang lipay kaayo.

Attention: Alma Plando - Mr. Lee is asking for the contact # of your brother in Cebu.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nganong wa ma apil ang Holy week!!!

I wonder why March 31 to April 4, 2010 was not included in the option list. This is Lenten season /Holy Week. Most Navs (in the Philippines), usually held important gatherings such as conferences and training programs due to long break / vacation and weekend. Sa mga locals, there will be no need to file for a leave. Also no interruptions since most institutions (both government and private) and all schools are close shops. Sa akong bahin, we can bring along with us our kids (na lisod mabilin sa balay kay makuyawan ta unsay buhaton kung sila sila lang. Basi manglayat sa kural dayon didto na moka-on ug matulog sa silingan) and for them to witness also how their parents behave (being with the Navs) and got the conviction. Though in other aspect, this events will be spent more time with our family at home which I also understand.

Tingog na mOOOOOOO!

Bobet boy,
Hay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!salamat, Naana gyoy nitingod sa akong gipanawagan. Nganong karon paman ka ni tingog bet ?nalimot ka nga guapo man pod ka atong diba? He! He! He! bitaw hangtod karon oy guapo gihapon ka oy. Dia koron san Marbel, South Cotabato Kauban gihapon mi ni Efren ug Bing Carido. Tabangi ko ug panawagan sa atong mga ka groupo sa prayer group para magkita ta tanan nga mga buhi pa. Di ko ganahan anang didto nata tanan dayon magkita sa taas oy! kita usa ta diri bisan ka isa lang unta diba? Sigi bet dungan tag singgit para madunggan ta nila. Hoy ! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Tingog NamoOOOOOOoOOOOo!

It's amazing... Pamutar na mo oi!!

Dear Mga Igsoon,
It,s amazing to note that according to the monitor I put in our CebuNavs Reunion website, It was visited by 223 unique visitors and visited 314 time in just few days.... This almost the number of all listed in CebuNavs Egrop that means almost all have read about the reunion...Wow amazing isn't it? BUT this is more amazing, listen to this... ONLY 19 voted as when our reunion should be heheheheh. Can anyone explain to me why? Hala balik mo sa atong reunion WEBsite read and VOTE.. aron ma set na nato ang date aron maka palit na mo ug ticket as early as this time... this is very important kami for example we will only spend about 350$US if will book now for round trip ticket Dhaka-clark-
Cebu- clark- Dhaka. I check with Cebu Pacific Manila-Cebu round trip is less than 2000 pesos. So PLEASE Balik MO Pamutar na mo. Pag muabot na ug mga 50 ang mubotar then we will deicide sa date so that those who have chosen other dates can now adjust to the majority.... Mura ug ang mga lolo ug lola ra man ang gaunauna didto... hala mga batan-on adto na mo sa presento ug botar na... just click the the link below... and vote...

Oh Ang Barangay Prayer Mura ug nag ka daghan na pud!!

Bai Roger,
Joker lang gihapon ka bisan tigulang na. Nakadungog ko sa imo sibya lanog kaayo. Nagsige man gud ug ampo ang atong prayer group maong hilom kayo. Atong pukawon silang Vic "Garry Valenciano" Duverte, Totong, Lito Obbus, Rose Iman ug uban pa. Ikaw kahinomdom pa ka sa uban? Limtanon na ko kayo Ger nagtomar man gud ko cge ug pills. Nahala e mention gyud and pangalan unya kusga aron makuyawan. Motubag lagi na. Moapil ko ani aron makakita ko sa mga lolo ug lola sa navs.
Asa man diay ka karon?a

So The NUCLEUS will meet again!!!

Thanks Cres. Really looking forward to seeing you....

Is Rey Noynay just lurking around? Maayo cguro Rey mo commit pud ka nga mo attend para buo ang Nucleus. I am sure Raul is attending...
.. I am sure we can reminisce together how Allan got "excommunicated" from the group.... Perhaps each one of us lain2x ang memory about those incidents in the past.

Isnt this one of the purposes of a reunion... to check if we are still sane and do not have manufactured good memories of the past?


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ako Gyud kay way hawak

Hello Bing

Pagka-bataa ug slim pa kaayo ko aning pictura. Si Mildred nag-tago-tago sa luyo ni Biboy. Unya ikaw, si Linda ug uban pa mga 25" pa tinuod ang mga hawak:-} Ako wala na'y hawak he he he. Dos anyos pa si Biboy ining pictura. 21 na siya karon. Wow, this is almost two decades!

Thanks for sharing this. What a joy it was and it is to be together serving the Lord and growing in Him all these years - apil na ang dagma-dagma, ligid-ligid, struggle-struggle ug bangon balik sa atong first love sa Ginoo. Lain pa'y ato, asa naman ka karon nag-base?

Allan and Mildred with Biboy and Joal

kakita ko 25 hawak!

ust found this photo last week...taken at San Juanico Bridge. dili na ko kahinumdom what year this was taken pero siguro mahinumdom si Allan and Mildred Morelos pila ang edad ni Beboy diri. i-matikmatik na lang ni nila. ang akong hawak ani siguro mga 25" pa... kun pila na karon, dili na kinahanglan i-matikmatik.....

OI!!! Mura Ug Naay BS nga mahitabo kila Ruby and Joy and other Ladies

hehehe..silent mode na pod!! any idea unsaon na pag gitik si te joy para di na siya magsilent mode forever and ever?
te joy, how about conducting a bible study para sa mga women like me? present jud ko kanunay unya i will do my assignment diligently. dili na si insi ang maghimo sa akong homework. will that work? bisan wa ko skype pugos jud ko sign in pero hangyo pod..ym lang.. apil na unya na sila insi marlene and whoever wants to.. once every 2 weeks lang.
or grown up na man siguro ta, we'll take turns in leading hehehe..
oops.. got to meet up with a friend in ER. it's a holiday weekend ..not yet done celebrating :(

Joy ayaw pag silent Mode

Hi Joy again,
Ayaw pag silent mode. Lipay kaayo mi specially si Glo to hear from you. I already put your request in our website. Anyone one can now leave a prayer request in our reunion website.. Yeah, last time I was doing BS with alumni working i Spain, Thailand Japan and Phils. pero nahunong because of my bad internet connection unya too big na sab ang time difference. Karon kami ni Bay Venric are meeting every thursday 11 am sa US and 11 pm diri sa amo.
Yes we can take advantage of this technology to encourage one another. Even to share the gospel to our friends and family. Ang akong mga pag umangkon sa Cebu and Canada nakashare ko nila through YM.

Good Idea from Joy



I finally understand who are you only this Saturday after Ruby explain to me. We are neighbors, OK?

I am throwing another idea??? You can use VOIP or Skype or yahoo to do bible study by groups or cell depending on time zones availability. A group cell can study the bible together, encourage one another and pray across different continents. With a logitech video camera, you can also see the face of your friends.

I will be back to my silent mode. Bye.

For His Glory,

Marlene Ranes is connected here

Hi Joy,
Thanks for the note. Glo still remembers your letter about 8 years ago buntis pa siya adto and was confined and she lost your letter hu hu hu hu so she can not write you back. Once in awhile she will remember it. Marlene Ranes is connected here.. I hope mag say present siya sa imong email. Ok I will put something where anyone can drop a prayer request so every one visiting can pray.


Hayy Nitingogna Jud si Joy Tubog Morris


Suggestion, Can we add a prayer link on your website so that we can pray for one another in our group (except) the unspoken request?

Does anybody know the email of Marlene Ranes- or Insi as what Ruby called her? Please provide me her information. Thanks.

For His Glory,

Tabang unsa sa pagpahibalo sa reunion

Hello Jushua,
Good to hear from you Igsuon. Tabang unya ug pahibalo diha sa inyong dapit matungod sa atong reunion. Naka botar na ba ka kung kanus-a nimo gusto? kun wala pa hala adto na sa atong website ug butar na didto http://cebunavsreunion.blogspot.com

Gikan ni sa Igsoon natong Joshua, Mora ugbag-o siya nakigmeeting kay Moses

Mga Igsoon, Joshua is a miracle from God, Kung nakabalo lang mo kung unsa siya before siya nakit-an ni Jek Dizon and finally reached by the good new of Jesus!!!

isaiah 48:17

shalom !
to GODs elect , strangers in the world, scattered throughout america , canada , asia , europe and the philippines who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father to be a member of the navigators family , through the sanctification work of the Spirit , for obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ and sprinkling by his blood :
grace and peace be ours in abundance.
it is with great joy that the Lord has impressed into our hearts the desire to have our great reunion to see each other and testify about what the Lord has done into our lives.i could imagine the impact of joy to each one of us to be strengthened and to be refresh by our fellow brothers testimony. as it is written that GOD has determined the times set for each one of us and the exact places where we should live
and work and have influence about the salvation that we have receive from the LORD.< acts17:26> forgetting what is behind we rejoice everything that happened to us for the LORD has revealed that in all things GOD works for the good of those who have been called. if million of angels are rejoicing over one sinner who repents then i believe that GOD with all his angels and saints together, with the patriarchs and the apostles are looking forward to this great event , the reunion of His sons and daughters of the navigators family..hope that the brothers in luzon as well us in mindanao will join this great reunion. angels are attending. if GOD is with us who can be against us ! money is not a problem ; our GOD is big. schedule can be arranged. it is not about us .it is GODs reunion among his sons and daughters in the navigators family. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT ! we are not of this world. all things will pass away ! kausa ra ni bay sa atong kinabuhi if GOD is willing! we will live forever with the LORD! iampo ming taga iligan!
maaung gabii mga igsoon!

brother in christ,

Lets connect our website,blog,facebook etc..

Dear mga Igsoon,
Some of you labi na ang mga batan-on ug mga tigulang nga nakaapas pa sa technology.. . have a personal sites... could be a blog, facebook etc or even business sites.. please send the link to me kay ato na i connect sa atong cebunavs reunion website so that ang atong mga igsoon maka visit sa inyong site....then please put a link also sa inyong site pointing to http://cebunavsreunion.blogspot.com/. in this way we start to know each other more ok GO...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome Mike and Norma, Bob and Connie

Dear mga Igsoon,
Let's welcome two couples who gave their lives to us the Cebu Navs!!!
to your Home the CEBUNavs
Thank you for giving part of your life to Cebu Navs.
We hope that you can still remember some of your Cebuano words sama sa :Oy Kanindot": ... including the corny Jokes!!!!

Those who were under Bob in BS can now start to tell your story because they are listening

We love to have you in the reunion

Dear Edessa,
Please check the date of your choice sa atong website.We really love to have you in this Reunion

Request ni Edessa!!!

Hello All,
Kung pwede consider first week of July.


Kita ta sa Olimpik!!!

Hi Ren, naa diay ka sa Alberta area.. last week lang jud mi hisgot nimo and hoping masaag ka diri sa Naperville area for some job related trips. Well, that's better now that you are in Alberta area closer to Jhun kay basin next nato nga FilAm Navs reunion dinha na dapit before or after didto ila Rey nga side. Asa man next winter Olympics diay? sa Whistler na pud?? Magdream sa lang ko nga ang future reunion nato diha ang venue and pretend that we are still all strong and healthy to go skiing:)
Jhun, dako na jud ako utang nimo and Marlyn. morag special delivery ni imo shut glass and special pick up ang akong smoked salmon from Vancouver area:) I just got the Ohana photos from Debbie.. and sure I miss a lot of stuffs and people from that gathering. By the way, unsa man inyo entree para sa snack dish contest? did you win?
gutom na man noon da...mahaw sa ta.

You are God's Gift to me!!

Thank you very much sa inyong mga messages. Makatawa man laman ta ani especially nga mga edaran na ta! Aw di diay klarohon ingon si Edd!
I thank God also for all of you for being God's gifts to me. You are all invited to visit chocolate hills in Bohol for those who have not gone there. My 2 week vacation will depend on the date of the reunion but if it falls on May 10 or May 29 morag dili ako makaattend ana kay Profession sa among one and only novice nga tagaCebu. Before she entered she was a supervisor at SM Cebu and Baguio for 4 years.
Regards to everybody.
Sr. Tirsa

Urgent -Wanted more Cebu Navs Alumni Contacts!!!

Dear Ruby, aileen ug mga Igsoon,
This very urgent. as early as this time, we need to add other alumni from this egroup, including ang mga asawa nga gi protectaan ni Ruby ang katungod... kay puerte na kakaiat sa mga bana wala kabalo ang mha asawa hehehehe. Si Belinda wala diri, si Jeany ug si Marlyn.. si Beth naa.
Rubs and Aileen, please give me the emails sa mga nag attend sa Fil-am reunion nga connected sa CEBUNAVS katong dili ayaw na lang. Si Juniboy Rubs wala pa diri. and also naay nag hunghong nako na your group has made an intelligence investigation and search the names of those Cebu navs like Barbs and others... palihug ko tagai pud ko sa inyong intellegence report.
Mga pictures diay ipasa sa ako.

Ingon pa si Cres we are already starting our reunion so isa mga features nato sa atong reunion website mao ang mga naiibang memorable nga story katong naa pa ta sa CEBU NAVs fellowship.. . mga estoryang kataw-anan, ug mga full of lessons ug experiences nga di nato malimtan nga hagtud karon daw sa kagapon lamang... atong iapil ang mga love story ug BGR the favorit topic), ayoha lang estorya, kanang naay pagkaa mystery gamay ug most of all kanang mga first experience nato with God. Si Glo daghan kaayo siya nga ginaestorya nako. Sama sa gi mention ni Ruby nga si Juniboy ang nagtulo sa ako mag telepono. wala pay cellphone sa una.. hehehe

to easily access diay sa atong reunion website Drag the icon just left of you browser window to your desktop to create the shortcut. So anytime just click to shortcut and check what is the latest nga gi hisgot hisgotan... as of now gapapili ta sa DATE nga mas daghan ang maka-apil so visit na ug botar na. the exact website address is


Friday, September 4, 2009

Gi alza na si ahmir!!!

warm greetings to everyone..
thank you RG for the new reunion site. that's a great idea to post the pictures and test ourselves who we still remember:-) I noticed that the 80's picture posted is just the USC group.. we should post the other campuses as well. as i look through the picture closer (with antipara na jud) morag dili na man mahinumduman tanan even those I know who were in my bible studies. really sad to note. mao ba ni ila ingon sa bisaya version ..alza na si ahmir aw Alzheimer ba to..hehe bitaw deceiving kaayo nang looks so pretty for her age.
Nonu Edd pasensya ka magtry diha ug identify sa filnavs kay maayo kong pagka-stuck aning 80's nga photo. ayaw lang pud klaruha nga ang pinakadako ug pinakagamay ra ang imong marecognize for sure.
maybe we should locate all those in the 80's picture and give the task to Vic (iya man nawong pina kaklaro) to make sure everyone is found..up to him to hire for some help:)
or, each one in the photo should try to find the one next to him or her. in that case, i don't have to worry kay si Moning akong tupad is already preparing for our next reunion in heaven and on my other side, si Celsa.. murag attend man jud na klaro:) di ba Ren? Please RG i-apil si Titing (Tess Abaja Vital ) ani sa cebunavs group if she wants to. BTW mga bana ra ba apil ani sa egroup except judy and te glo?? curious lang jud ko:-)
oops.. RG, did you mention Juniboy ang gatudlo nimo unsaon paggamit sa telephone..kato ba tong nabali imong pagunit.. the mouthpiece was on your ear unya gibuyag ka niya by saying to you "baliha" and then you said llohe instead of hello? or is he your spiritual dad?? he is in our filnavs egroup (siya man gani unta to among emcee but his sis-in-law died that same week as our gathering.) He should be in this group also.
happy holiday weekend to all those in the U.S.
cheers!!!!!! !!!

Hala Botar na sa Dates sa atong reunion!!!

Mga Igsoon,
Mura ug nagkadaghan ang ga suggest that the date will be somewhere on Last week of May to June or even July. So ato ning ipaagi ug piniliay... Nag butang ko ug POLLs sa atong website where in maka pili mosa date nga puede mo maka-attend, Of course apil ang inyong preference date but also to consider the majority you also check ang dates nga puede mo. Dili kini nga ang ato mao jud masunod kung dili kung asa ang kinabag-an maka apil jud ani atong reunion. Ako willing ko nga ang dates nga among break dili mao ang time for reunion... I am trusting God that He will bring me and Glo in that reunion whatever that date is. Mao ni ang atong sabot:
1. Check all the dates nga Puede mo, ang mga naa sa Pinas I encourage you to check all that means: a) You are willing to sacrifice forthe sake atong mga naa sa gawas nga limitted ra ang time of vacation. b) willing mo to file leave early (friday and sat) for the date na atong mapilian. c) Mag tigum gyud mo mag alkansiya ug hulugi kada adlaw, it could be from your snacks, or bawas gamay sa sud-an.. This will be a very meaningful reunion that you will attend.
2. Katong mga shy mag share sa egroup pero sigi lang katawa ug enjoy mubasa sa email hala botar mo, kay di man mo mailhan kung kinsa mo mo check ra man mo.

I want Us to take note what CRES has said " This Egroup is alaready A REUNION in itself" our actual date of physical reunion is the culmination of things that we are sharing here. so do not hold on. say what you want... Lets makethis egroup as a safe place to be where we can share our JOYS and Sorrows, our deep concerns our failures, our victories even our sin without being judge, but being loved by people who can testify that what we are and who we are are all Becasue of our GRACIOUS and LOVING GOD. I know that some of you are struggling with life now, and you might feel hesitant to share... but Igsoon we desire that that this egroup is the place where we can be OURSELVES, accepted and loved by our friends who journeyed with us and still journeying with us. hayy mga igsoon tulo na pud akong luha....

Hala Botar na sa date.. the polls is the link belowa

Tambal sa Tigulang Continue...

Hi Jhun,
I have no idea unsa para sa ngipon, aside going to the dentist and max the insurance coverage. Ambot unsa kaha ang sekrito sa canadian beaver, nga lig-on man ug ngipon, unya kung mabali moturok man ug balik.
By the way, I am now in Ft. McMurray Alberta working for some of the Oil Sands companies. Celsa and the kids will follow me here on October, God willing. We are vigilant as to what ministry and people the Lord is leading us to work for him. At least duol na ko nimo diha sa Vancouver, ug next year sa winter olympics basin magkita ta.
Rene Bongo

Another Date suggested!!!

Roy and All,
I agree with Rene and Jhun that the schedule of the reunion is crucial in getting the majority to attend it. Kung ako ang pangutan-on, the 2nd Monday of May 2010 and one month before it is little bit difficult for me as I have to oversee the conduct of Philippine national elections (overseas absentee voting) at my Post. In deciding the date of the reunion, please consider the common available date of the majority, not necessarily mine.
I totally agree that we have to invite our mentors to update each other, reminisce the past, unload our burdens and to jointly look forward to the future as co-laborers for Christ in spite of our physical degeneration (sakit sa tuhod, rayuma, kulang sa ngipon, vanishing hair, etc.). Roy, I think Dong Aguelo is part of this egroup. Maybe we could contact Ben Flores through Philip.
You know our interacting through this egroup is somewhat a reunion for me as we share the same aspirations and unload our aches and pains (for the oldies!) Maybe one of the topics of the reunion is How to Grow Old (graciously) Yet Stay Young.
Cheers to everyone,

The Theme...From Fun to Joy to Worship

Mga Igsoon,
Nagkainit na gyud ni atong Reunion. Tanan ta mag hunahuna ug mag ampo aning atong reunion. We know that this will be a lot of FUN nga dili mabayran sa atong mga gastuonon sa atong pamasahe. Aside from FUN naa pud Mga butang nga importane that we are looking forward.

1. Every batch should encourage their batchmate to attend. Sama sa gibuhat sa Tigulang batch, Batch nila Celine, Batch nila Roger, Batch nila Vin Morta, Batch nila Jay alota, Batch nila Robert Base, Batch nila Kevin sa YP, Batch sa mga bag-ong graduate. Kini nga Reunion Ato ni tanan sa Cebu Navs. Diri nato makita HOW GRACIOUS GOD is sa CEBU Navs... Let.s display the GOODNESS and MERCY of GOD in our midst.

2. Let Us Recognize the diversity God has given un in terms of ministry... Let.s thank God for the ministries that He led us like the Under His Wings Inc ( UHWI) started by Edith Casemiro Llamera in Cagayan de Oro. Apollos Project started by Roy Versoza now based in Canada. The Translators Association (TAP)/Summer Institute ofLinguistics (SIL) where Monie, Racquel, James, Mely, Julie and many others who are invovle in translatingthe Bible inot the native Language. Let.s thank God for those He called to become pastors and lay leaders in different churches both protestants and catholics. Let us thank God for those involve in house churches and small/cell groups BS. Let.s thank God for those He called for cross cultural Missions, Alan and Mildred, Delia and Gary, Zonia, and Ammi and Paping. Those who are working underground among the M, Those that continuously work with the Navs. And MOST Of all WE Will thank GOD for people who are working in different walks of Life and continuously influencing people around them for Christ, and faithfully playing the Role God gave them in the furtherance of the Kingdom, they pray, they support sacrificially. .. all of these mga Igsoon are equally important in the eyes of God, nothing is superior nor inferior...Our Partnership with God is something that we can thank and rejoice during this reunion.

3. This reunioin mga Igsoon, is the time of to embrace one another, I know that in past naa mga hurting events among us. But this is the time to forgive, time to love and embrace each other, after all, we realize that after all these years kato atong mga gilalisan is nothing compared with God.s goodness to us. We remember them andjust laugh at it!! labi na mahitungod sa BGR nga paboritong topic nato tanan. hehehe.Those all part of our growing up. This is the time to recognize the uniqueness of each one as God so pleased when He made us this way.

4. THis is the time to encourage some of us nga nangadagma sa atong paglakaw, tabangan natong mubangon ug mutan-aw sa unahan nga kung Diin ang atong Ginoong Hesus gahulat ug naay ganti para ato tanan. So mga Igsoon ko who are feeling hesitant because your life seemed to be messy, this is the reunioin that you would love to come, No one will evaluate how many verses you have memorized, or whether you are still doing your quite time. what we want is just embrace each other. Let this be the time to put our arms around each other, and together we will humble ourselves before God and together we will let this be the time where all of us fromCebu Navs will help one another to realign to God and His Kingdom. and report to our King for what ever He wants us to do for the rest of ourlives... Mga Igsoon Ko many of us has already passed more than half of ourlives... Let that remaining life be for experiencing God here on earth. Ah mgaIgsoon I think and pray for this reunion nag sigi gihapon tulo akong luha ug ambot ngano.. But God is telling us that He will meet us in this reunion...

5. This will also be the time where we will see, feel, and observed the CEBUNavs, that God used to have a close encounter with HIm... although we are involve in different entities but May the Lord ive us burden to continue to be Part of CEBUNavs. Let Cebu Navs continue to be our home that where ever we are we always think of "naunsa na kaha didto sa balay no?" We want you to know that God is so gracious to CebuNavs that He continuously raising laborers from these rugged, handsome, funloving, but have a deep love for God nga mga Cebuanos.
6. Lastly yes, lets remember and invite our forefathers, let.s help find them. Bob and Connie, Ben Flores, Mike and Norma, Gary, those IT.s and other foreign missionaries who helped us grow in walk with God. Lets invite Jack and Miriam so let.s help find them so that we can thank them for their lives.
Oh What a JOY tothink for all these thingthat will happen in the reunion...

7. Let this be a time to exult our GOD and give HIm the GLORY He alone deserves...we will WORSHIP God together.... I can just imagine the this reunion will move us
...from FUN to JOY to WORSHIP...
Could this be our theme for this Reunion?


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