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Mura ug nagkadaghan ang ga suggest that the date will be somewhere on Last week of May to June or even July. So ato ning ipaagi ug piniliay... Nag butang ko ug POLLs sa atong website where in maka pili mosa date nga puede mo maka-attend, Of course apil ang inyong preference date but also to consider the majority you also check ang dates nga puede mo. Dili kini nga ang ato mao jud masunod kung dili kung asa ang kinabag-an maka apil jud ani atong reunion. Ako willing ko nga ang dates nga among break dili mao ang time for reunion... I am trusting God that He will bring me and Glo in that reunion whatever that date is.

Mao ni ang atong sabot:
1. Check all the dates nga Puede mo, ang mga naa sa Pinas I encourage you to check all that means: a) You are willing to sacrifice forthe sake atong mga naa sa gawas nga limitted ra ang time of vacation. b) willing mo to file leave early (friday and sat) for the date na atong mapilian. c) Mag tigum gyud mo mag alkansiya ug hulugi kada adlaw, it could be from your snacks, or bawas gamay sa sud-an.. This will be a very meaningful reunion that you will attend.

2. Katong mga shy mag share sa egroup pero sigi lang katawa ug enjoy mubasa sa email hala botar mo, kay di man mo mailhan kung kinsa mo mo check ra man mo.

Palihug check sa week-end nga Puede Mo. Please check all kung wala mo problema aning mga dates. Dili "preference "ang atong gipangayo kung dili kanang "PUEDE" mo ani nga mga dates.

Please write any idea of what will be included in our reunion

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Theme...From Fun to Joy to Worship

Mga Igsoon,
Nagkainit na gyud ni atong Reunion. Tanan ta mag hunahuna ug mag ampo aning atong reunion. We know that this will be a lot of FUN nga dili mabayran sa atong mga gastuonon sa atong pamasahe. Aside from FUN naa pud Mga butang nga importane that we are looking forward.

1. Every batch should encourage their batchmate to attend. Sama sa gibuhat sa Tigulang batch, Batch nila Celine, Batch nila Roger, Batch nila Vin Morta, Batch nila Jay alota, Batch nila Robert Base, Batch nila Kevin sa YP, Batch sa mga bag-ong graduate. Kini nga Reunion Ato ni tanan sa Cebu Navs. Diri nato makita HOW GRACIOUS GOD is sa CEBU Navs... Let.s display the GOODNESS and MERCY of GOD in our midst.

2. Let Us Recognize the diversity God has given un in terms of ministry... Let.s thank God for the ministries that He led us like the Under His Wings Inc ( UHWI) started by Edith Casemiro Llamera in Cagayan de Oro. Apollos Project started by Roy Versoza now based in Canada. The Translators Association (TAP)/Summer Institute ofLinguistics (SIL) where Monie, Racquel, James, Mely, Julie and many others who are invovle in translatingthe Bible inot the native Language. Let.s thank God for those He called to become pastors and lay leaders in different churches both protestants and catholics. Let us thank God for those involve in house churches and small/cell groups BS. Let.s thank God for those He called for cross cultural Missions, Alan and Mildred, Delia and Gary, Zonia, and Ammi and Paping. Those who are working underground among the M, Those that continuously work with the Navs. And MOST Of all WE Will thank GOD for people who are working in different walks of Life and continuously influencing people around them for Christ, and faithfully playing the Role God gave them in the furtherance of the Kingdom, they pray, they support sacrificially. .. all of these mga Igsoon are equally important in the eyes of God, nothing is superior nor inferior...Our Partnership with God is something that we can thank and rejoice during this reunion.

3. This reunioin mga Igsoon, is the time of to embrace one another, I know that in past naa mga hurting events among us. But this is the time to forgive, time to love and embrace each other, after all, we realize that after all these years kato atong mga gilalisan is nothing compared with God.s goodness to us. We remember them andjust laugh at it!! labi na mahitungod sa BGR nga paboritong topic nato tanan. hehehe.Those all part of our growing up. This is the time to recognize the uniqueness of each one as God so pleased when He made us this way.

4. THis is the time to encourage some of us nga nangadagma sa atong paglakaw, tabangan natong mubangon ug mutan-aw sa unahan nga kung Diin ang atong Ginoong Hesus gahulat ug naay ganti para ato tanan. So mga Igsoon ko who are feeling hesitant because your life seemed to be messy, this is the reunioin that you would love to come, No one will evaluate how many verses you have memorized, or whether you are still doing your quite time. what we want is just embrace each other. Let this be the time to put our arms around each other, and together we will humble ourselves before God and together we will let this be the time where all of us fromCebu Navs will help one another to realign to God and His Kingdom. and report to our King for what ever He wants us to do for the rest of ourlives... Mga Igsoon Ko many of us has already passed more than half of ourlives... Let that remaining life be for experiencing God here on earth. Ah mgaIgsoon I think and pray for this reunion nag sigi gihapon tulo akong luha ug ambot ngano.. But God is telling us that He will meet us in this reunion...

5. This will also be the time where we will see, feel, and observed the CEBUNavs, that God used to have a close encounter with HIm... although we are involve in different entities but May the Lord ive us burden to continue to be Part of CEBUNavs. Let Cebu Navs continue to be our home that where ever we are we always think of "naunsa na kaha didto sa balay no?" We want you to know that God is so gracious to CebuNavs that He continuously raising laborers from these rugged, handsome, funloving, but have a deep love for God nga mga Cebuanos.
6. Lastly yes, lets remember and invite our forefathers, let.s help find them. Bob and Connie, Ben Flores, Mike and Norma, Gary, those IT.s and other foreign missionaries who helped us grow in walk with God. Lets invite Jack and Miriam so let.s help find them so that we can thank them for their lives.
Oh What a JOY tothink for all these thingthat will happen in the reunion...

7. Let this be a time to exult our GOD and give HIm the GLORY He alone deserves...we will WORSHIP God together.... I can just imagine the this reunion will move us
...from FUN to JOY to WORSHIP...
Could this be our theme for this Reunion?


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