In this site we will document our 2010 Cebu Navs Grand Reunion...

What will be content of this site?:

1. All our communication exchanges will be here with matching title. you can comment on each post.

2. We will post pictures and Videos Old and new

3. Mga Testimonies

4. Ug Uban pa...

Note: Naa Table of Content sa Ubos to see the chrnology of events!


Mura ug nagkadaghan ang ga suggest that the date will be somewhere on Last week of May to June or even July. So ato ning ipaagi ug piniliay... Nag butang ko ug POLLs sa atong website where in maka pili mosa date nga puede mo maka-attend, Of course apil ang inyong preference date but also to consider the majority you also check ang dates nga puede mo. Dili kini nga ang ato mao jud masunod kung dili kung asa ang kinabag-an maka apil jud ani atong reunion. Ako willing ko nga ang dates nga among break dili mao ang time for reunion... I am trusting God that He will bring me and Glo in that reunion whatever that date is.

Mao ni ang atong sabot:
1. Check all the dates nga Puede mo, ang mga naa sa Pinas I encourage you to check all that means: a) You are willing to sacrifice forthe sake atong mga naa sa gawas nga limitted ra ang time of vacation. b) willing mo to file leave early (friday and sat) for the date na atong mapilian. c) Mag tigum gyud mo mag alkansiya ug hulugi kada adlaw, it could be from your snacks, or bawas gamay sa sud-an.. This will be a very meaningful reunion that you will attend.

2. Katong mga shy mag share sa egroup pero sigi lang katawa ug enjoy mubasa sa email hala botar mo, kay di man mo mailhan kung kinsa mo mo check ra man mo.

Palihug check sa week-end nga Puede Mo. Please check all kung wala mo problema aning mga dates. Dili "preference "ang atong gipangayo kung dili kanang "PUEDE" mo ani nga mga dates.

Please write any idea of what will be included in our reunion

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gi alza na si ahmir!!!

warm greetings to everyone..
thank you RG for the new reunion site. that's a great idea to post the pictures and test ourselves who we still remember:-) I noticed that the 80's picture posted is just the USC group.. we should post the other campuses as well. as i look through the picture closer (with antipara na jud) morag dili na man mahinumduman tanan even those I know who were in my bible studies. really sad to note. mao ba ni ila ingon sa bisaya version ..alza na si ahmir aw Alzheimer ba to..hehe bitaw deceiving kaayo nang looks so pretty for her age.
Nonu Edd pasensya ka magtry diha ug identify sa filnavs kay maayo kong pagka-stuck aning 80's nga photo. ayaw lang pud klaruha nga ang pinakadako ug pinakagamay ra ang imong marecognize for sure.
maybe we should locate all those in the 80's picture and give the task to Vic (iya man nawong pina kaklaro) to make sure everyone is found..up to him to hire for some help:)
or, each one in the photo should try to find the one next to him or her. in that case, i don't have to worry kay si Moning akong tupad is already preparing for our next reunion in heaven and on my other side, si Celsa.. murag attend man jud na klaro:) di ba Ren? Please RG i-apil si Titing (Tess Abaja Vital ) ani sa cebunavs group if she wants to. BTW mga bana ra ba apil ani sa egroup except judy and te glo?? curious lang jud ko:-)
oops.. RG, did you mention Juniboy ang gatudlo nimo unsaon paggamit sa telephone..kato ba tong nabali imong pagunit.. the mouthpiece was on your ear unya gibuyag ka niya by saying to you "baliha" and then you said llohe instead of hello? or is he your spiritual dad?? he is in our filnavs egroup (siya man gani unta to among emcee but his sis-in-law died that same week as our gathering.) He should be in this group also.
happy holiday weekend to all those in the U.S.
cheers!!!!!! !!!

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